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Adobe to Adobe

It is hard to imagine San Jose as a sleepy Spanish pueblo. How did a few mud brick homes evolve into this global center of technology? Follow us on our Adobe to Adobe tour and learn how our Spanish and Mexican roots grew into an agriculture empire. Along the way hear about bear vs. bull fights, a hidden road to El Dorado, and the shocking murder of the heir to San Jose’s “Hart”. We end the tour on a high note as we investigate how California’s first capital became the self-proclaimed Capital of Silicon Valley!

Door to Door

South First Street, the gateway to San Jose for our first pioneers, continues to open doors and minds as a central arts district. Our Door to Door tour takes guests through this neighborhood popularly known as the SOFA District. We start this walk from California’s first public artwork and then note a missing statue, before following a trail of murals and “Downtown Doors”. Along the way we introduce unique museums and a few entrepreneurial efforts that add their own business artistry to SOFA.


Join our interactive walk and talk around the “Nihonmachi” neighborhood better known as Japantown.  A circular route will allow us to explore the unique murals, Buddhist culture and one of a kind small businesses in this historic area.  Sports fans will particularly enjoy hearing about some forgotten "giants" in San Jose athletic history.   After working up an appetite during the tour you may choose to stay and enjoy food & drink at one of the local sushi or noodle bars . 


This alcohol themed version of our downtown tour will cover San Jose's colorful drinking past and also introduce what's currently brewing. This popular stroll around the heart of the city will introduce former brewery locations, famous brews, and infamous drinkers.  After the tour follow the sage advice of Senator Thomas Jefferson Green and "have a drink... have 1,000 drinks" by choosing one of the local brewery favorites from either Hermitage, Strike or Santa Clara Brewing. 

Our Story


Prompted by a student's question, a handful of kids in my economics class joined me in the adventure of starting San Jose Walks & Talks.   What better way to introduce students to the world of business than by having them create a company?  Now on any given day in downtown you might hear Hafid recount the infamous St. James Park lynching or Michaela explain why The Tech Museum should really be called The Tech Adobe.  These are  just two examples of  downtown’s colorful past and we hope you'll consider joining us for a tour in the near future to discover more of the surprises San Jose has in store for you.         -Greg Adler

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